Guided tours of the Jewish Museum or Workshops for children

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    Reservations are required for schools that want to access the Museum and Synagogues through a private tour.
    It is possible to book guided tours in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew or German.
    The guided tour includes:

    • Rooms of the Museum
    • The Major Synagogue
    • The Spanish Synagogue

    The price for the tour (duration 90 minutes) is 50 euros per group + the cost of the ticket
    Student ticket: € 5.00
    Children with disabilities have free entry, together with people accompanying them, a companion for every 15 students enters for free.

    Guided tours include:

    • Rooms of the Museum
    • Major Synagogue
    • Spanish Synagogue

    The price for the tour (duration 90 minutes) is 70 euros per group + the cost of the ticket.
    Full ticket: € 11.00
    Reduced ticket for groups of people from 20 upwards: € 8.00 per person.
    Please specify the number of adults.
    Children under 10 enter for free.
    Both disabled visitors and their carer enter for free. (do not enter the number).

    At a cost of € 8 for up to 4 teachers.

    Please enter the number of children up to the age of 9 (free entry).

    Specify the grade of the school

    For the reduced-price ticket (€ 5), enter the number of children between 10 and 18 or otherwise with a student card.

    Reductions are reserved for students up to the age of 25, presenting documents issued by the school or university and proving their registration for the current year.

    Reduced ticket from € 11.00 to € 8.00.

    Workshop for children

    The Jewish Museum of Rome organizes educational workshops dedicated to children aged 6 to 10 years. A fun and creative way to learn about the origins, traditions, customs and traditions of the Jewish world.
    The manual skills, creativity and curiosity of children will be used to bring them in a natural and intuitive way to the culture and Jewish holidays.
    The visit includes:
    90 minutes of manual laboratory, explanation (Museum and Synagogue)
    The cost of the workshop is 50 euros per group + the cost of the ticket
    Student ticket: € 5.00 (minimum 10, maximum 40 participants)

    Please enter the number of participants for the laboratory (excluding accompanying adults).

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